Alexandra District Health Appoints New CEO, Jane Poxon

January 24, 2023

Alexandra District Health is delighted to announce it’s appointed a highly experienced senior healthcare professional to take over as the Hospital’s new CEO.

Jane Poxon’s appointment brings a proven medical professional with a range of capabilities to the top job.

The new CEO has a deep understanding of the region’s healthcare needs and connection to the community.

Chair of the Hospital Kim Flanagan says “we’re excited to be getting such an experienced leader, someone with a proven track record gained over 20 years working across various Medical and Health organisations”.

Jane Poxon has been particularly adept at engaging with key diverse stakeholders with differing priorities.

Jane was formerly at the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital as the Chief Nursing Officer, as well as being Chief Operating Officer of Northern Health.  The new CEO, believes in building strong aligned teams, capable of delivering outcomes in difficult and unpredictable environments.


We look forward to welcoming Jane to ADH.