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Alexandra District Health has a 3 cubicle Urgent Care Centre.

Our Urgent Care Centre is staffed by a hospital doctor between 8am an 6pm. Registered nurses are rostered to work in Urgent Care every shift to care for patients. After 6pm we use My Emergency Doctor (M.E.D) telehealth model. In this model the patient is ‘seen virtually’ by an emergency medicine physician, assisted by the registered nurse.

Upon presentation, your condition is assessed and if the injury or illness requires ongoing care in hospital, you may be admitted to Alexandra District Health or arrangements will be made for you to be transferred to the appropriate metropolitan or regional health service.

If a transfer from Urgent Care is required, you will be billed by Ambulance Victoria. It is important that you have ambulance membership to cover the costs. Some private insurance covers ambulance transfers but not all – it is important to check with your health fund exactly what is covered in your policy.

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