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Preparing for Admission

Your admission to hospital will be arranged by your treating Doctor. If you are being admitted for surgery, your doctor will contact us to place you on the elective surgery waiting list and you will receive a letter from Alexandra District Health about completing your admission forms.

Clerical pre-admission

Pre-admission is an important part of your hospital care. To ensure we can promptly place you on the elective surgery waiting list and confirm your admission, we ask that you fill in the online Patient Admission Registration Form and online Elective Surgery Health Questionnaire, and return it to the hospital as soon as possible. Your completed forms should be saved and then returned via email to, or in person to Reception.

Please have the following ready when you fill in your admission form:

    1. Personal and Next of Kin details
    2. Medicare Card
    3. Funding details (e.g. DVA, Workcover, private health insurance)
    4. Benefit details (e.g. pharmacy benefit card or pension card)
    5. Advance Care Plan if one has been completed

Alexandra District Health is a public health service but if you have private health insurance, you may elect to be treated as a private patient. If you decide to use your private health insurance at Alexandra District Health, you will not have any out of pocket medical expenses related to your admission. This does not include fees for medicine that you may require after you leave the hospital.

Nursing pre-admission

If you are coming to hospital for a surgical procedure, you will be contacted by our Pre-admission Nurse. This may be by telephone or you may be asked to attend a pre-admission clinic at the hospital for a clinic appointment.

During your pre-admission assessment, a nurse will speak with you about your hospital stay, your operation and your medial history will be reviewed. Your admission and discharge details will also be discussed, such as who will take you home and who will care for you at home following discharge from hospital.

Please take this opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding your admission.

On the day of admission

On arrival at the hospital please go to Reception. If your admission is before 8.15am or after 4.30pm, or on a weekend, please report to the Urgent Care Centre. There may be some additional paperwork to complete for consent, privacy, and administrative reasons. We need to make sure you understand and agree to what will happen to you while you are in our care.

Please follow any instructions you received from us regarding your procedure, such as eating or drinking instructions. Please note that your admission time is not the time of your procedure.

If your admission is for day surgery, wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to remove. Check with your nurse before informing relatives or friends of the time that you should be picked up.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear, or pyjamas/nightie, dressing gown and slippers
  • Personal toiletries including soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Current medications in their original container/packets
  • Medicare and pension card
  • Relevant x-rays, CT or MRI scans
  • Health insurance details

During your stay, practical advice

Please do not bring jewellery, money or valuable personal items to the hospital. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to your property.

Electrical appliances
To ensure safety, all electrical appliances brought into the hospital must be tested and tagged by maintenance staff before use i.e. shaver, hairdryers etc.

The hospital does not undertake private laundry for in-patients. Please make your own arrangements.

Alcohol must not be brought into the hospital for consumption by patients without permission.

We are 100% smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted in the hospital or anywhere on the hospital grounds.

Meal times are as follows:
Breakfast – 7.45 am
Morning tea – 10.15 am
Lunch – 12.15 pm
Afternoon tea – 3.00 pm
Evening Meal – 5.00 pm
Supper – 7.30 pm

A Dietitian regularly reviews the menus and recommends special diets for some patients. The Dietitian is available to see inpatients.

For inpatients, please bring your medications into hospital with you. Any new medications which your doctor prescribes will be provided as part of your hospital admission.

Free local calls may be made from the phone beside your bed. Incoming mobile and non-local calls can be received from these phones. The use of mobile phones is permitted in most areas of the health service.

Televisions are available in all rooms.

Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi is available for patients and their visitors.

Ministers of all denominations visit regularly. If you wish to see a specific minister, please ask the nursing staff, who will notify the appropriate person.

A Red Cross library is situated in the hospital which has magazines and books.

Enquiries regarding patients
Your relatives may make general enquiries regarding your progress by phone. The hospital number is (03) 5772 0900 + Option 2.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch and our friendly staff will assist you with any queries or questions you may have.