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Private patients

Alexandra District Health is a public health service. Upon admission, you will be asked if you choose to be admitted as a public or private patient. If you have private health insurance, you may elect to be treated as a private patient. If you decide to use your private health insurance at Alexandra District Health, you will not have any out of pocket medical expenses related to your admission. This does not include fees for medicine that you may require after you leave the hospital.

Medicare ineligible patients

Alexandra District Health is required to set fees for patients who are not covered by Medicare. A Medicare Ineligible Patient is any visitor to Australia who does not hold a valid Medicare Card, or where Reciprocal Health Care Agreements, or Asylum Seekers and Refugees status do not apply.

Medicare ineligible patients are responsible for organising health insurance cover or money to cover their health care costs. The only exceptions are visitors who meet one of the following classifications:

The Australian Government has Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements (RHCA) with the Governments of the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand. These agreements may entitle you to limited subsidised health services for medically essential treatments while visiting Australia.

Primary Health

Alexandra District Health Primary Health team provide services and programs that can be tailored to your needs. This includes assistance with goal setting and creating a care plan you are comfortable with. Any person of any age can access primary health services. You may be referred to a primary health clinician while you are an inpatient, you may self-refer or you may be referred by a doctor, health worker or other service provider.

There is a fee applicable for most primary health services. Fees are determined according to income and a person’s ability to pay. A client’s inability to pay will not be a barrier to receiving treatment or service. Primary health services funded by the Department of Health & Human Services are universal and provide a broad range of services. Primary health services use a schedule of fees and income ranges when assessing people seeking services.

The Department of Health & Human Services fee schedule and income ranges provide a basis for calculating fees for community health services. The department indexes fees and income levels in January each year.

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